Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish Polish Swatches

by taffybeauty

Just a few quick swatches of Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polish Varnishes. They retail for $16/bottle and come in five base colors all with ultra-fine and chunky black glitter. They are somewhat sheer and with the first coat look like a jelly formula and are streaky with the first coat (although truthfully I never judge a polish by it’s first coat). The second coat is where the magic happens. I looks like a cream yet because it’s more sheer some of the black glitter is subdued as it’s under a coat of color and some more apparent as it’s sitting on top. So some of the black glitter has a coat of polish over it but you can still see it. Like glitter under tulle. Then the top coat’s glitter pieces are darker and much more visible. Does this make sense? It gives the glitter dimension. These are just a few swatches. In a week or two I will review after I’ve seen how they hold up. These polishes absolutely remind me of a eggs or those Easter malted eggs. I chose these over the Deborah Lippmann Staccato versions because, as far as I could see online, the D.L. polishes are one size of glitter and look more like poppy seeds. I loved that the Illamasqua polishes different sizes and look more like eggs. Of course I’ve never seen the Staccato polishes in real life and never swatched them so I can say for sure this is the difference between the two brands. The available colors are:

  • Scarce – a beautiful dusty rose jelly with micro and chunky black glitter
  • Speckle – lilac jelly with micro and chunky black glitter
  • Mottle – refreshing vibrant mint green jelly with micro and chunky black glitter
  • Fragile – sky blue jelly with micro and chunky black glitter
  • Freckle – according to Sephora is a tan with micro and chunky black glitter (note, I did not buy this color)

Here are the swatches. Please don’t judge my horrible paint jobs. I painted each nail with 2 coats just to take some pictures. You may even notice in on particular picture my skin is quite red from the previous polish I didn’t remove that well.

All Boxes

All Box Tops

Speckle (lilac)

Speckle (Purple) Box

Speckle (Purple) Bottle

Speckle (Purple) Nails

Scarce (dusty pink):

Scarce (Pink) Box

Scarce (Pink) Bottle

Scarce (Pink) Nails

Mottle (mint green)

Mottle (Green) Box

Mottle (Green) Bottle

Mottle (Green) Nails

Fragile (sky blue):

Fragile (Blue) Box

Fragile (Blue) Bottle

Fragile (Blue) Nails

one coat:

All First Coat

two coats with flash:All Flash Claw

two coats, indoor light without flash:All No Flash

two coats with flash:All Flash

just playing around with the colors. I didn’t not invent this, I saw it on a different blog.Rainbow Nail2

Rainbow Nail

Hope these were helpful. Feel free to ask me any questions and don’t forget to check back in a week or two for a review.

A wink & a smile,

Taffy Beauty