Valentine’s Day Manicure

by taffybeauty

Here’s my favorite Valentine’s Day Manicure. Just as the last manicure I used Zoya’s Pixie Dust polish in Godiva and a red polish with Seche Vite on top. To create the hearts I used a dotting tool. First I with the larger dotter for the biggest hearts. I did all 10 nails with that size. Then I used the different sized points to create different sized hearts at various locations on a nail. I tried to keep them random but still kept them at the same angle. Once that was done I let the red dry a bit as red polish tends to take the longest to dry AND I applied the polish quite thickly to create a smooth heart. Lastly I applied the top coat. The contrast between the matte glitter of the pixie dust and the shinny reds really catches your eye. Enjoy!

2.13.13 Heart Nails6

2.13.13 Heart Nails3

2.13.13 Heart Nails4

2.13.13 Heart Nails5 2.13.13 Heart Nails2

2.13.13 Heart Nails1