Simple Heart French Manicure Nails

by taffybeauty

Here’s a simple Valentine’s French-ish manicure. I used Zoya’s new pixie dust in Godiva as the base and a red polish on top. The Zoya Pixie Dusts and OPI Liquid Sands (review and swatches to come soon) are a matte glitter. Not fully matte but rather the colored polish is matter but the glitter still catches the eye. It reminds me of the glittery asphalt we’ve all seen before. However, due to it’s rough uneven texture, you do need to use two coats of red to get the red to be smooth. All I used was a striping brush to get these heart-ish shapes. Side note – Zoya and OPI say to not use base coat but I did use Orly’s Rubberized Base Coat. Lastly, on top of the red polish ONLY I applied Seche Vite Top Coat.

2.13.13 Simple Heart Nails1

2.13.13 Simple Heart Nails2