Weekend Glitter

by taffybeauty

I’m a naughty girl and getting coal for Christmas. This post is a bit late but here’s what I wore on Saturday. I was going for a really toned-down, natural look. I was spending the weekend with my teenage niece and was: a-inspired by her natural skin, and b-like to try to keep my makeup natural looking around her so she doesn’t become too into makeup. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with people like me but I know how young girls are-they start to feel they can’t do anything without a full face (been there, done that) and I want her to continue to be happy in her skin. Then if she wants to play that’s ok.

Today’s Look Features:

  • MUFE Holodiam Powder in 303

Side note, I ordered some glitters from Lit Cosmetics (not that I need them) and cannot wait for them to arrive. I just hope they’re here before the end of next week. I owe you all two posts to make up for Sunday and Monday (Tuesday’s post is after this) so expect two posts for the next few days.

A wink & a smile,

Taffy Beauty

12.8.12 small Smile

12.8.12 small Eye Close

12.8.12 small Eyes Closed2