Gold Glitter and Red Lip Holiday Look

by taffybeauty

I have learned that glitter is very hard to photograph. Especially right now as I work with a sub-par camera where I cannot control F-Stops, flash, etc. I’m hoping in a month or two I’ll have a new camera (hint, hint Santa).

Today’s look was photographed at the end of the day so I’m sorry if there’s some wear on the makeup but I generally don’t touch-up my face as the day goes on. The exception would be lips and concealer as I blow my nose a few times a day and my makeup comes off on my nose. I did gold eye makeup with a thin blended out line at the lash line. I then topped it off with Lorac Lustre Drops. I loved this look. A sophisticated, glam-but-natural look with strong lip. The lip color, for those of you who are asking, is OCC Liptar in Radiate. By far my favorite color. Some people say it looks orange on me but in my eyes it’s the perfect red, for me. I’m not into dark burgundy lips, no matter how much blush they wash out my face. I love hot and bright reds and this is exactly what I needed.

A wink & a smile,

Taffy Beauty

12.11.12 small Look

12.11.12 smal Smile

12.11.12 small eyes

12.11.12 Small Eye2