Romantic Glitter

by taffybeauty

One of my favorite nail polishes is Nicole by OPI’s Kim-Pletely In Love. First, I love the Kardashians (although Khloe is my fav) and second, I am a diehard romantic (sshh, don’t tell anyone). I have looked high and low for a perfect pale pink polish that looks like a gel. All the other pale pinks I’ve tried are streaky, no matter how many coats you use, and can be almost too chalky, the end result creating not a gelled look but an opaque dead nail look. They never look good on me. But I didn’t gave up the search and when I found Kim-Pletely In Love, well it was love at first sight. It’s a pale pink gel polish with an iridescent micro glitter that shifts from pink to blue to a little teal. Kim-Pletely In Love applies like a dream, the first coat may be streaky (which is expected) but the second evens everything out. And bonus, this polish dries FAST. And that’s without Seche Vite.

I was inspired by the delicateness of this polish and wanted to do a toned-down, romantic glittered polish. You know the story – the romcom where the flawless couple are stuck in a cabin because of an icy blizzard. They listen to a quiet radio playing something from The Rat Pack (or Michael Buble) as shadows dance on the walls from flickering candles. The fireplace is crackling and they’re cuddled around it, sharing a blanket, drinking hot cocoa, and covered head-to-toe in thermals or flannel pjs. Then they count down to the beginning of the new year on the radio, pop the semi-cold bottle of champagne, and toast a Happy New Year and seal it with a kiss. Well that’s what I was going for. Romantic, soft, intimate, celebratory nails. I think I achieved it quite well and I really love this look.

Today’s Look Features:

  • Nicole by OPI’s Kim-Pletely In Love
  • OPI Pirouette My Whistle

A wink & a smile,

Taffy Beauty

P.S. I’m playing with fonts