A Match Made In Heaven

by taffybeauty

Dramatic lips, meet sparkle. Sparkle, dramatic lips.

I LOVE OCC Lip Tars and now that they’re offered at Sephora my addiction has grown. This look offers a great way to do a dramatic lip that isn’t red. Lip Tars stay forever and a very tiny bit really does work. On top of that the lip gloss is also a long-lasting formula. Double Whammy! I actually will wear this look a lot as it’s a modern/different way to do a bold lip. I usually am not a big fan of lipglosses but I love everything about this gloss and this look.

My thoughts: The only pointers I would say with Lip Tars is to use a lip brush and apply very very little. If you over-apply you will get feathering as the day goes on. The only time I had to retouch my lips is after I eat but, for the record, any time I have dark lips I always remove the entire lip before eating-I really don’t want lipstick all over my face (not that I’m a messy eater). The new applicators can make it very easy to squeeze too much product out. Usually I place my brush on the point of the tube to remove any extra product and use that as my color. I’ve heard that the Lip Tars can separate but I’ve never had that problem. If it does happen I have heard to turn them over and let sit for 5 minutes and it’ll mix. You can also try gently kneading the tube. Lip tars also make a GREAT blush but, again, because they’re so highly pigmented do be careful of the amount you use. I have a coral colored Lip Tar (forget the name, perhaps Grandma) and will occasionally mix it with a concealer for under eyes. Works like a charm. As for the lip gloss – I love it also. I bought it on a whim once and wasn’t sure if I really wanted it. Wait, that’s how I get most my makeup/nail polish. Anyway, it’s a long-wearing formula that is a deep fuchsia (as is the lip tar). I love the applicator, a rather large angled doe foot applicator. The gloss is filled with lots o glitter-mostly the same color as the base and some blue. It’s such a great gloss. It does have a very strong smell but I love the smell. It’s hard to explain. It’s a fresh, almost a little rosy smell. Quite strong and distinct but not in a bad way. I feel that the scent is heavier than Mac’s; however, it doesn’t linger like Mac’s. For the record I loathe Mac lip products because the smell of vanilla makes me nauseous.

Today’s Look Features:

  • OCC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy
  • Lancôme La Laque Fever Ultimate Lasting Full Color Lipshine in Electric Pink (say that 10 times fast)

A wink & a smile,

Taffy Beauty

P.S. I do have Invisalign, you can see them in some pictures

12.5.12 small Face

12.5.12 small Lips

12.5.12 small Lips3

12.5.12 small Lips5

Electric Pink

small wands

small Electric Pink v OCC Pretty Boy Tubes

small Electric Pink Swatch

small Electric Pink v OCC Pretty Boy